With uneven terrain and deep layers of scree, the path to Stella Point is challenging and quite literally breathtaking. Many hikers charged on ahead of us, only to be found several hours later collapsed on the floor – so we are glad we took it slow, and after hiking for around five and half hours, the pink glow of the sunrise brought not only hope, but also much-needed warmth to our tired and aching bones.
Laurie from Florida contacted us to ask about our Kilimanjaro Expeditions. Keen to climb Africa’s highest mountain with her son Ramsay, Laurie wanted to know what routes we had available, and while we offer all routes on Kilimanjaro, we recommended our 7-Day Machame Route Climb due to its great success rate.

When climbing Mount Kilimanjaro along the Machame Route or Lemosho Route, the descent from Lava Tower into the Grand Barranco Canyon is always a welcome one. The pressure eases on your head, the downhill trail is a breeze after the trek from Shira, and the scenery is quite simply breath-taking… if you are lucky enough to see it!
When taking the 7-Day Machame Route, you will start in lush verdant forests, before reaching the Heather zone on day two. From here, the scenery changes dramatically, and you will soon find yourself walking through space-like Moorlands and Alpine Deserts, before finally reaching the ice walls of the summit.

There are many reasons why people climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Some people climb it for fun, others do it in support of their favourite charity, some do it to mark a special occasion, and others simply want an adventure where they can push themselves to the max as they conquer one of the world’s Seven Summits…
You see, climbing Kilimanjaro is a joyous occasion, and when it is done correctly, it involves lots of singing and dancing! You will need to learn one or two local songs (don’t worry, your Mountain Guides and crew will teach you), and you will need let your inhibitions go, but that’s all part of the experience.

A short-notice trip, James and Lucy planned to depart just 10-days later, so we had to get to work straight away planning their private 6-Day Machame Route Climb on Mount Kilimanjaro, their 5-Day Gorilla Trekking Tour in Rwanda, and the flights to bring it all together.
The most important piece of equipment for your Kilimanjaro Expedition is a good pair of hiking boots that you have broken-in prior to your climb. You can expect to pay anywhere between £100 – £250 for top quality Gore-Tex protected hiking boots, but after day one on the mountain, you’ll be glad you invested in the best. Don’t scrimp here – blisters and wet feet will make for a very miserable climb!

If you dream of travelling the world, you probably have a ‘Bucket List’ as long as the Great Wall of China, but there are certain favourites that stand out on every intrepid travellers wish list, and they include Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda or Uganda.
Of course, all Kilimanjaro climbing companies are different, and if you go with a budget operator, you may be limited to a cold packed lunch during the day, but if you go with a quality climbing company, you can expect three freshly cooked hot meals per day, plenty of drinks to keep you hydrated, and a daily snack pack to keep your energy levels high from dawn till dusk.

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