Kilimanjaro Company Review - Laurie & Ramsay

Laurie from Florida contacted us to ask about our Kilimanjaro Expeditions.  Keen to climb Africa’s highest mountain with her son Ramsay, Laurie wanted to know what routes we had available, and while we offer all routes on Kilimanjaro, we recommended our 7-Day Machame Route Climb due to its great success rate.


As they were travelling from different parts of the US, Laurie and Ramsay decided to book their own flights to and from Kilimanjaro, and left us to coordinate their Kilimanjaro climb so that everything went smoothly on their arrival in Tanzania.


Here’s what Laurie had to say about us:


I didn’t know what to expect, but I truly felt well cared for by Kilimanjaro Company. We were picked up from the airport promptly and taken to our hotel.


All of the guides, porters, cook, and waiter… were competent, yet fun. They worked hard, yet smiled and sang and laughed (and yes – danced). They encouraged us all the way. They functioned well as a team. The food was great – always a snack – popcorn, hot tea. Meals were overwhelmingly plentiful. Expect soups, rice, meat, veggies and dessert. Boiled water for the next day was always available.


What was most important were our guides. The lead guide, Edward, slowly led us up the mountain, pole – pole. It was a slow, steady pace that made all the difference with altitude adjustment at the peak. He was fabulous. I felt I could trust his ability and knowledge of the mountain. It was clear he had summited many, many times. He was encouraging and watchful of all of us. Frank, our other guide, sang our way up the mountain with a beautiful voice. It was a trip I will never forget!

Thank you.

View from Uhuru Peak - Kilimanjaro Images in February

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