What Food To Expect On Mount Kilimanjaro

We’ve all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’ and when it comes to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you need to eat and drink as much as you possibly can if you are to make it to the summit during your expedition.


While most climbers have a good appetite on days one and two, altitude can soon put a stop to that, and so it is essential that you make the most of every mealtime and the beginning of your climb, and indulge in the delicious menus that your cooks will lovingly prepare for you throughout the day.


Of course, all Kilimanjaro climbing companies are different, and if you go with a budget operator, you may be limited to a cold packed lunch during the day, but if you go with a quality climbing company, you can expect three freshly cooked hot meals per day, plenty of drinks to keep you hydrated, and a daily snack pack to keep your energy levels high from dawn till dusk.


Here’s what a typical menu looks like on Kilimanjaro…


Breakfast: The most important meal of the day, breakfast on Kilimanjaro is designed to warm you up, boost your energy levels, and prepare you for the day ahead. Your meal will generally start with a bowl of hot porridge served with fruit and honey, followed by eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, tomatoes, and an endless supply of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other drinks.  Good Kilimanjaro chefs will mix the menu up a bit throughout your expedition, with slices of avocado, omelette, pancakes, and waffles all making an appearance.


Snack Pack: If you think breakfast has got to last you until lunch time, think again! You will receive a ‘snack pack’ containing a carton of fruit juice, a banana, a muffin, a piece of chicken, and 1 or 2 chocolate bars to pick on along the way.


Lunch: I still have no idea how they do this, but despite leaving base camp after the climbers have left, the porters and cooks reach lunch camp well before the climbers to set up the tables and chairs, and start cooking a warm mountainside lunch.  Homemade soup, followed by chicken and rice or vegetable pasta are standard menus.  A few slices of fresh pineapple serve as desert, and as with breakfast, there are copious amounts of tea and coffee to keep your thirst at bay.


Dinner: After eating all of the above, food is probably the last thing on your mind, but dinner is a 3-course affair so bring your appetite!  Homemade carrot and ginger soup, stir fried beef with vegetables and rice, and banana fritters with honey are just some of the menus on offer, and it’s all made with fresh natural ingredients.  No cans, to packet soups, just delicious home cooked food.


So if you are worried about the food on Kilimanjaro, worry not! Just make sure you book your Kilimanjaro Expedition with Kilimanjaro Company, and your journey to the Roof of Africa will be delicious! 

Food and Drinks on Mount Kilimanjaro

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