Barranco Canyon - Giant Lobelia, Glacier & Lava Tower

When climbing Mount Kilimanjaro along the Machame Route or Lemosho Route, the descent from Lava Tower into the Grand Barranco Canyon is always a welcome one. The pressure eases on your head, the downhill trail is a breeze after the trek from Shira, and the scenery is quite simply breath-taking… if you are lucky enough to see it!


Mist and fog generally shroud the prehistoric looking Giant Lobelia, so one rarely gets to see anything but the imposing Barranco Wall, however on our recent expedition we were lucky enough to get some clear shots of this mighty canyon on our ‘Pole Pole’ trek to Barranco Camp…

Giant Lobelia Barranco Canyon
Barranco Canyon Mount Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro Glacier from Barranco Camp
Lava Tower on Mount Kilimanjaro

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