Things You Learn On Kilimanjaro

There are many reasons why people climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  Some people climb it for fun, others do it in support of their favourite charity, some do it to mark a special occasion, and others simply want an adventure where they can push themselves to the max as they conquer one of the world’s Seven Summits…


The reasons vary from person to person, but the aim is the same, and that is to reach the victorious sign of Uhuru Peak at a whopping 5,895 metres above sea level!


Climbing Kilimanjaro is not easy, and during your 7 or 8-day expedition, you will ask yourself more than once “why am I doing this to myself!” But the rewards are untold, and the things you’ll learn along the way are nothing short of amazing…

  • You will learn that you don’t need to shower twice per day, who knew!! Baby wipes are a fantastic invention, and during your expedition, they will keep you feeling as fresh as a daisy (just don’t forget the deodorant!).
  • You will learn to slow down. Pole Pole will become your new mantra, and in today’s hectic world, that is most definitely a good thing.
  • You will learn to appreciate the smaller things in life. You might not have the latest Louboutin’s in your wardrobe, but at least you have more than one pair of shoes! Poverty is very real in Tanzania, as you will witness on your way to the mountain.
  • You’ll learn to speak Swahili, well a few words at least. Altogether now, “Poa kichizi kama ndizi ndani ya friji” yeah, you know it!
  • You’ll learn about new foods, and get to taste some real Tanzanian treats such as Green Banana Stew – yum!
  • You will learn that sleep is a luxury, and that you don’t actually need 8, or even 3 hours to survive! Sleeping doesn’t come easy at high altitude, especially in a freezing tent, in a tight sleeping bag, balanced on top of an inflatable mattress!
  • You will learn to go to the toilet surrounded by strangers… Don’t get me wrong, you will be encased in your own toilet tent out of view, but tents are not known for their sound-proof qualities!
  • You will make new friends in your mountain crew, and learn about their families, their ambitions, and their way of life. Perhaps the most special thing of all.
  • You will learn to sing the famous Kilimanjaro Song. Jambo, Jambo bwana, Habari gani, Mzuri sana Wageni, Wakaribishwa, Kilimanjaro Hakuna Matata! A song that you will sing over and over again in your head for years to come.
  • Finally, when you stand at Uhuru Peak and watch the sun rise over Africa, you will learn just how beautiful the world really is, and just how important it is that we protect it.
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